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『 Epica :: February Tour 』

Hi everyone!

Epica is going to give a concert in Lille (France) and i have my ticket !

So, it will take place at the Splendid in Lille, 22 February 2008 ^^

i'm exited to be there !

blog Epica

『 ★ メリークリスマス ★ :: Merry Christmas 』

メリークリスマス !!!
Merry Christmas !!!

So, in this day of festivity, i wish you a merry christmas !! ^_^

XMAS2 copy

『 Asimo デモ :: Honda Asimo Demo 』

Hi everyone !

I've found a movie about
「Asimo」. Tanks to Akihabara News, we can see Asimo during 13', in HD quality.

Very Impressive !
Good Job Honda & Akihabara News for this movie !

『 スクール ダイス :: School Days 』

Hello :)

I've seen this article recently on akihabaranews.com: The distribution of School Days on Kanagawa TV, Chiba TV, Aichi TV and TV Saitama was suspended because of a murder committed by a young girl.

This one has killed her dad with an axe. The most amazing is that this girl was wearing clothes of a character of "School Days".

"School Days" was an adaptation of a video game with the same name.
Many ends are proposed in the game and many of them are violent and shocking.

An other drama which strikes the community of manga-addict.

Source: School Days Anime And Akihabara News


『 応援 :: Help 』

Hello ^_^

This message has been created to help you on this blog.
So, i'm going to write the translations between japanese words and english words.
I'm also going to write them in french for people who don't understand english words.

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